USDA Home Loan

Sometimes good credit and a steady income are
not enough to qualify for a home loan at a commercial
lending institution, such as a bank, or a savings
and loan.
More rural families and individuals may be eligible
to become homeowners with the help of a
USDA guaranteed home loan. When the federal
government agrees to guarantee a loan, lending
institutions can help buyers while incurring less
risk. Through USDA’s Guaranteed Rural Housing
Loan Program, low- and moderate-income people
can qualify for mortgages even without a down

Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans

To be eligible, applicants must:
Have an adequate and dependable income;

Be a U.S. Citizen, qualified alien, or be legally
admitted to the United States for permanent

Have an adjusted annual household income
that does not exceed the moderate income
limit established for the area. A family’s
income includes the total gross income of the
applicant, co-applicant and any other adults in
the household. Applicants may be eligible to
make certain adjustments to gross income—
such as annual child care expenses and $480
for each minor child—in order to qualify.

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